Surrender Form

If you have a dog you cannot keep, please fill out our temperment evaluation form to find out if your dog is eligible for our owner surrender program. You can submit it online using the form below, or download and print this form, fill it out and return it to the address listed at the top.
You need Abode Acrobat Reader to download the form. Get it free here.

While we do not have a fixed surrender fee, we do require that you make some kind of donation to help offset the costs incurred in caring for your pet. Donations to help us care for and rehome other pets are always welcome.

NOTE: We are upgrading our website in early 2015. Until then, our online forms are not available for use. Please download this form instead, which you can print and mail to Special Pets Rescue, P.O. Box 3466, Santa Rosa, CA 95402. You can also complete the form using Adobe Acrobat and email it to

This form is currently inactive; please see Note above.
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Dog Information
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Surrender Information
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Has this dog ever been abused or neglected?   Yes     No
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Dog Temperment Information

Regarding your dog's experience with other DOGS:

Has your dog lived with other dogs?   Yes  No  Don't know
Does your dog get along with other dogs?   Yes  No  Don't know
Does your dog prefer dogs that are...   Male  Female  Don't know
Is you dog generally...   Dominant  Submissive  Don't know

Regarding your dog's experience with CATS:

Has your dog lived with cat(s)?   Yes  No  Don't know
Does your dog chase cats?   Yes  No  Don't know

Regarding your dog's experience with PEOPLE:

Does your dog have a preference for...   Men  Women  Don't know
Has your dog lived with children?   Yes  No  Don't know

Dog's Medical History

Is your dog altered (spayed/neutered)?   Yes  No
Has your dog been on heartworm preventatives?   Yes  No
Is your dog current on vaccines?  Yes  No
Has your dog been microchipped?  Yes  No  Don't know
Has your dog ever bitten anyone?   Yes  No  Don't know

Dog's Behavioral History

Does your dog dig?   Yes  No
Does your dog bark excessively?   Yes  No
Does your dog chew?   Yes  No
Does your dog jump fences?   Yes  No
Is your dog crate trained?   Yes  No  Don't know
Is your dog housebroken?   Yes  No
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